***1 New Debutante- 6.8 ounces

***1 New Debutante- 6.8 ounces

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She's classy, sassy, and not afraid to lose the white gloves - just like any proper Southern Belle.

Debutante is our take on the ever-popular rose scented soap. Fret not! The rose is there, but she's accompanied with delicate notes of peony, jasmine, and honeysuckle with a soft musk base.

Start the water and plop your fizzy treat right in! By the time the tub fills up, you'll be all set for your dip beneath a gentle layer of bubbly goodness and into vibrant, colorful waters that will leave your skin silky smooth and temptingly touchable.

Each bath bomb weighs 6.8 oz

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, SLSA, kaolin clay, mica, grapeseed oil, premium fragrance, Polysorbate 80

Made by the Saltwash Soap Company.

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