Bath Soaps

Available in solids and whipped containers, we offer a variety of bath soap products to suit your needs. Luxe Emporium Bath and Body provides unique items you simply won't find anywhere else, and all our luxury bath soaps are enchanted with colors and scents that guide you into relaxation. Our bath soap products have an irresistibly good lather that doesn’t irritate the skin, so you’ll have skin that’s smooth and desirable all day long.

From products infused with your favorite fruits to de-stressing herbs, indulge in our luxury bath soaps and experience tranquility.

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Breathe Soap
Description Eucalyptus, Mint, & Rosemary Essential Oils blend to create a bar that truly lives...
$ 5.75
Cape May Handcrafted Vegan Soap
Description Fragranced with a remarkably beachy fragrance with notes of bergamot, fresh air, eucalyptus, mandarin,...
$ 6.00
Cool Juniper Handcrafted Vegan Soap
This is fragranced with the nostalgic and beloved scents of juniper, cyclamen, citrus, jasmine and...
$ 6.00
Kauai Ginger Soap
Description Your sense of smell is as intimately personal as is your taste in art...
$ 5.75
Lavender Zest Soap
Description Our luxurious Lavender Zest soap is loaded with pure Lavender oil, mixed with Lemon...
$ 5.75
Lemon Loofah Soap
Description Let the scent take you away to a summer breeze where you can rejuvenate...
$ 11.00
Sweet Mimosa Body Wash
Description Sweet mimosa body wash 8 oz. This body wash produces a wonderful lather and...
$ 14.00