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For luxury body products at an affordable price, Luxe Emporium Bath and Body is your number one source. When we consider what to carry in our online boutique, we look for luxury body products with the finest ingredients that won't dry or irritate.

With so many creams, butters, and scrubs, you simply won’t be able to pick just one. Experience the variety and envelop yourself in soothing scents day and night. There’s something in our luxury body care selection for everybody, from tropical smells to creamy, whipped textures. Pause your day, lather up with rich, buttery treats for your skin, and escape into paradise.

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**1New - Lavender Lip Balm
Description Indulge in pure paradise for your lips with our Lavender lip balm. Keep moisture...
$ 6.95 $ 5.91
Love Portion Shower Butter ***Featured product
Description Love Potion Shower Butter is a triple threat. This delicious concoction may be used...
$ 12.00 $ 10.20
1New - Heirloom Elixir Perfume - Sweet Gardenia Floral
Description Heirloom Elixir is an enchanting floral scent with exotic notes of gardenia, blossoming rose,...
$ 38.00