Bubble Bars/Truffles/Creamers

Create the ultimate bathtub getaway with bubble bath products from Luxe Emporium Bath and Body. Enjoy a variety of flavors and fun designs to dress up your tub. No matter if you're feeling under the weather or just want to elevate your bathing experience, our bubble bath products will do the trick.

Select from premium bubble bath bars, tub teas, taffy, and more. These types of items make excellent gifts for all your loved ones. We make it easy to transform your bathroom into the perfect place to unwind and wash the stress away. All you have to do is toss one of our bath products into your tub, and your bath will create foam that boasts decadence.

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** 1New - XL Black Raspberry Bubble Bar
Description These bath bars smell of sweet, juicy black raspberry vanilla.These Solid Bubble Bath Bars...
$ 4.99
**1New - XL**Champagne Honey Apple, Solid Bubble Bath, Bubbly Bath Bar
Description These bubble bar smells of Bubbly Champagne Honey and Apples. These Solid Bubble Bath...
$ 4.99
***1New - Debutante Bubble Bar
Description She's classy, sassy, and not afraid to lose the white gloves - just like...
$ 4.99